To anyone planning a plastic surgery, I I would like you to know I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Alvarenga in Costa Rica. I had a gynecomastia done and everything turned out perfect. After living with this condition for many years, I was relieved and very pleased to get a flat chest again. Dr. Alvarenga did a masterful job which far exceeded my expectations. I spent a few days recovering at the Costa Rica Medical Center Inn after my surgery and the experience there literally changed my life. I was able to slow down from my hectic pace and “smell the roses”. The nurses there took excellent care of me the whole time and it truly became my home away from home. Everything was more than perfect. Co-workers and family have followed my adventure, and you can be sure that they will choose Dr. Alvarenga as their plastic surgeon when ready for a procedure. I plan to return for abdominal liposuction and a face lift, so there is more work to be done on me yet. I’m writing this for anyone still looking for a doctor, Dr. Alvarenga is the very best you will ever find.. He is very good at what he does and your results will be perfect.

Jonathan L. Spokane, Washington

Hola to Dr. Alvarenga and all of my new friends at the Costa Rica Plastic Surgery Center. Upon returning home from my surgery, my friends and family were amazed at how young I looked. The face lift with neck left was the best thing I have ever done. My face was a little swollen and black and blue for a week or so, but now that some time has gone by, it is amazing. I look absolutely nothing like my former self. I have dropped 20 years and my face is flawless. My medical vacation to Costa Rica was the best in my life. What a beautiful country and friendly people. Dr. Alvarenga, your skills are so impressive and you knew exactly what I needed. Everything looks natural, exactly as it should be. I have recommended you to two of my closest friends so they will be writing you soon. Thank you so much for everything.

Ian B. Dallas, Texas

Dear Dr. Alvarenga, how are you? I am sending you my thanks for the wonderful breast reduction surgery and implant removal (with new implants) you performed. I feel like a new woman. The savings of $6,000 compared to here in Alabama made the trip more than worth it. I also very much appreciate your advice on the type, the manufacturer and the style of the implants. My breasts look perfect, and feel perfect. I am so happy to have had this done so I don't need to see my old saggy breasts anymore. Dr. Alvarenga, thank you so much for taking your time with me. You completely understood my questions and goals, and I very much appreciate everything you have done. I also want to mention that my post-op recovery at Las Cumbres Inn was wonderful. Thank you so much for recommending them. What a marvelous place, and what a wonderful staff of nurses they have. I am planning on liposuction, probably on most of my body now that age is catching up with me, so I will write you soon and send you some pictures for a price quote. Thanks again for everything.

Sandy M. Mobile, Alabama

To Dr. Alvarenga and your wonderful staff. Hello from myself and my husband, whom you met, and thank you for my tummy tuck. It has been about 2 months now, and my tummy looks like a teenager again. I can tell you that Jim is thrilled by my new look and we are planning to take tango lessons now that I can. According to various web sites, I had read that I could save 75% on a tummy tuck by coming to Costa Rica, and it was true! I saved so much money by coming to you, it's hard to believe. I have told everyone never, never to have surgery in the U.S. The savings in Costa Rica is dramatic. I wanted to let you know that I am planning to return next year after Christmas for a Brazilian butt lift and perhaps a breast reduction. So, until I see you again. Please take care and say a big hello to your staff from me.

Molly B. Miami, Florida